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Welcome to the Hellenic Transplantation Company (EEM) website. EEM has been the scientific body of Transplantation in Greece since 1976. Together with the National Transplantation Organization (EOM), it is working to disseminate organ donation and scientific knowledge about Transplantation. On our website you can find information on the history and legal context of Transplantation in Greece, information material for the public, as well as news about the scientific events of EYM, for its members.


Ioannis Fouzas
Professor of Surgery and Transplantation Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
President of the Hellenic Society of Transplantation.
Director of Transplant Surgery Clinic AUTh.
Scientific Manager of the Transplantation Center of Hippocrates General Hospital

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Transplants 2012

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Transplants 2009

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